Trotskyism is a small-scale, anti-communist movement comprised of wreckers, petit-bourgeois first-worlders, murderers, saboteurs, agents and spies. A course hostile to Marxism-Leninism or any other truly proletarian movement.

In the past, Trotskyism was an anti-Leninist, opportunist tendency and a most dangerous agency of the imperialist bourgeoisie in the workers' movement, a vilest variety of Menshevism. Trotskyism was the most important group implanting centrism

 In the course of struggling against the ACP(b) [All-union Communist Party (bolsheviks)], Trotskyism stopped being a political tendency in the working class and turned into the leading unit of the counterrevolutionary bourgeoisie, leading the struggle against Soviet power and the construction of socialism in the USSR, against Communism.

Origins Of Trotskyism Edit

Mechanical materialism in philosophy, voluntarism, schematism in sociology. Subjectivism, typical for small towns. It's world outlook in general, is methodological. The basis of Trotskyism lies in reflecting anti-proletarian views of the petty bourgeois.

Political Positions Edit

Sharp transitions from [ultra-leftism] to capitulation to the bourgeoisie, lack of understanding of dialectics, dogmatism in assessing the events and phenomena of societies.